Easy DIY Elderberry Syrup

by Laura on September 5, 2016

Prevention is the best medicine!

I wanted to share with you a simple syrup that you can make, and take it daily to support immunity.  Because honestly it’s much easier to prevent than have to fight an infection!

Elderberry  >>>   Botanical name: Sambucus Canadensis

This Elderberry Syrup is a must have in a mommas aresenal to treat her babies! It’s so simple to make, tastes really good, and can boost immunity to prevent and shorten illness time!!


What are Elderberries?

Elderberries are small berries.  They are a very good source of fiber vitamin A, and have infection-fighting vitamin C with 87 percent – reportedly more than any other plant besides black currants and rosehips. They also contain potassium, iron, vitamin B6, fiber, and betacarotene.

What does the Science say about Elderberry?

Here are 3 scientific papers showing the power of Elderberries to fight the flu, reducing the duration of the flu, and increasing immunity in the body.

” shown to be effective in vitro against 10 strains of influenza virus. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study, Sambucol reduced the duration of flu symptoms to 3-4 days. “

How to make a simple Elderberry Syrup ?

DIY ELDERBERRY SYRUP easy recip to boost immunity, treat flu, prevent illness

2/3 cup dried organic Elderberries >> found here!

3 1/2 cups water

1 cup honey

1 tsp cinnamon

> Combine Elderberries, water and cinnamon in  saucepan and bring to a boil.

> After mixture is boiling, place on simmer and let the liquid reduce to almost half.

> Strain the liquid using a strainer. (compost or throw away berries)

> Once the liquid has cooled, pour into a glass jar (I re-used an Kombucha bottle) and add honey!

> Shake and store in fridge.

*take 1 tbsp each day for immunity support. repeat this 4-5 x in a day if you are feeling sick.

Our family uses Essential Oils also to support our body. We add 5 drops of Thieves Vitality and Lemon Vitality oil  to our mixture for an increased immune support!

Want to learn more about Essential Oils ? Check here! 

Here’s some more tips to stay in tip top shape:

Vitamin D (get outside every day)  –  Sleep well  –  Drink ALOT of water  –  Eat more fruit than chips :) – and of course oil up




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