How to turn a Dresser into a Vanity

by Laura on August 29, 2012

The hallway bathroom vanity was funky.
That’s just saying nice things about it.
MM re-did this antique dresser that happen to be a curbside fiesta find! {free}
I love the colors, design, hardware, the middle drawer…..
He customized the sides and also the middle drawer panel with a deep turquoise!
The hardware was purchased from Hobby Lobby.
We’ve had this dresser for over a year now.
After moving into the new house there wasn’t much space for it… except in the bathroom.

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This is the “before”….1 year ago!

How We Made This Vanity:
 Awesome Dresser.
The cute little sink was given to us by the neighbors from a recent project they did. {score}
{I have seen the same sink at our Austin Habitat for Humanity ReStore for super cheap.}
The faucet is from Lowe’s, on clearance for $78.
Cardboard, marker, jigsaw, clear silicone, 1×2 wood for walls in drawers
The top of this dresser had been refinished in a Dark Walnut Stain and had 3 coats of sealer on top.

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I would definitely recommend a very well treated/sealed surface!
Remove all the drawers.
Measure sink by making a template on cardboard.
Now we measured approx 1 inch inside the outlined circle. We did this so that your sink hole creates a ledge or lip for the sink edge to actually sit on.
 Cut out the cardboard template and place on top of vanity.
Make sure that you have enough clearance under the top of vanity for sink.
Outline your template & cut out hole using a jigsaw.
{we did not cut out the faucet holes, we just cut out 1 large hole for the entire sink}

Lay sink in to check for placement & fit. {do happy dance}
Apply clear silicone to underside of sink then replace the sink in hole.
Attach faucet per instructions. We also applied more clear silicone here.
Now the drawers!! This is my favorite part!
Each drawer was still utilized for maximum storage in the bathroom.
All credit goes to MM for this.
He basically cut a big “U” out of the middle of the top drawer.
Then built little walls to line the edges.
The middle drawer got the same treatment, just a smaller notch.
This was all fitted to our own plumbing.
The bottom drawer has one small notch in the back.
All the inside of the drawers got painted crisp white.
For the plumbing holes in back MM measured where each hole should be and cut accordingly.
Attach your plumbing via personal handy man Markie Mark.
Vanity Before!
Vanity After !
eeeeek! I’m so excited this is done! I have storage in the bathroom finally!
I still need to add a black splash to the vanity, stain the floor under the vanity,
 & hang a mirror. Almost there!
Random note:
 Im probably the last to know about this! & I’m addicted to talking with figurines and pictures now.
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I was laughing so hard at our converstaions last night.
See the progress of the Remodel from the start HERE
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XO Laura

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