I was given the opportunity to participate in a silent auction and I immediately thought that a wonderful Mother’s Day gift basket would be perfect! This would easily make a great Birthday gift, Baby Shower/New mommy gift etc…

This was definatley easy and will be a low cost – high impact way to show that momma in your life how much they mean to you!



Mother's Day Essential Oil Gift Basket, DIY CHeap gift , Young Living

Here’s a breakdown of everything I placed in the  basket, and is a great idea of what you could create as well. Please note I did add a $25 rebate for a new wholesale account, you could simply edit my image and print off as a tag for your gift!

Metal Basket $3 from Target

Glass Water bottle $5 from Target

2 Glass Mason Jars $1 each from Target

Gold heart tissue paper $1.99 Walmart

Lemon Vitality oil from Young Living  $6.75 (wholesale)

Lavender Vitality oil from Young Living $11.25 (wholesale)

Essential Oil guide book  $1.50 from KRE publishing

Mothers Day card $1 from Target

Penant sign (DIY’d from baby gift) $1 Target

2″ round labels made with Avery labels and their website.

TOTAL: $ 33.50 for an amazing original thoughtful gift!



MOther's Day essential Oil Gift Basket , young Living, DIY present



Mothers Day essential oil gift basket, DIY, Young Living present, birthday , new mommy

Save the images below to attach to your gift.


I added the following tags to each of the Bath Salts and Sugar Scrubs.


Happy Momma’s Day to all you hardworking, loving, multitasking machines!!signature



We’re going to having a fun class soon thats all about Young Living beauty school! I’ve fallen in love with this regimen. Now that I’m in my 30’s I feel a little more inlcined to baby this face a little. I’ve only just consistently statred to incorporate these products. I’ve seen a huge change in my dark circles under my eyes, and puffiness. I also have freckles and those lovely brown spots from the sun. They have all started to fade!!

Follow these 5 Steps to your most radiant skin ever! Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, Massage, Moisturize

If you need a little help remembering the facial steps use this acronymn:

Cows – Eat – Tiny – Mice & – Men

weird yes, but very effective.


steps to radiant skin young living


non toxic cleanser face wash young living


Wash hands before touching your face to cleanse.
Washing hands prevents bacteria from traveling from
your hands to your pores.
Use lukewarm water to wash your face and a clean towel
to pat your skin dry. Do not rub, as this irritates the skin
 Using the Orange Blossom Face Was by Young Living.
** our frugal tip is adding 2 tbsp of face wash to an empty hand foam pump bottle, fill the rest with water. Now you have the perfect foaming face wash and this bottle will last months! My first mixture lasted me 4 months!!
non toxic exfoliate face young living gentle sensitive skin


Your skin replaces its self every 30-60 days. The process of exfoliating speeds up this process by eliminating dead skin cells and allowing the skin new cells to flourish. At the same time exfoliating promotes the absorption of nourishing serums and moisturizers.


Satin Facial Scrub™ Mint is an advanced cleansing formula designed for normal skin. It cleans, nourishes, and stimulates without damaging the skin’s natural pH balance. Safe, gentle ingredients help to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin for a fresher, smoother appearance. Satin Facial Scrub™, Mint is a water-based exfoliant. It contains jojoba oil, mango butter, MSM, aloe, and Peppermint essential oil to minimize the appearance of pores and invigorate dull skin.


Rub all over the face avoiding eyes. Use a gentle circular motion with fingertips for a good 30 sec  to a minute, then rinse!

non toxic DIY toner for face young living


Toner is the reset button for your skin.

The ideal pH level of your skin is about 5.5. After your cleanse is recommended to exfoliate , your skin after that in a period of an hour will restore its pH. An ideal toner however will restore the pH immediately.

The toner removes impurities and while cleansing th skin opens pores, toning actually close pores to their desire original size.
A-R-T Purifying Toner is specially effective in keeping environmental debris and pollutants to a minimum; it also increases blood circulation to give your skin an ideal glow.

You can make a an easy DIY Toner at home. I love this blend.Dont be afraid of the vinegar smell, its masked pretty well with the essential oils, and once the toner has dried on the skin you can’t smell it at all!

DIY  Toner Recipe

  • In a 2oz. Glass spray bottle
  • add 6 drops Lavender  –  6 drops Frankincense – 3 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • Fill with : 1/2 bottle with witch hazel , 1/4 of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar , 1/4 Distilled Water
  • Shake & Spray on cotton rounds


non toxic face massage young living

Deep Facial Massage Cleanse With Essential Oils

Put the mixture in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm the oils. Smooth the mixture over your face gently in a smooth massaging movement to stimulate circulation for better absorption.


Relax, inhale the scent,  and enjoy your message.


Soak a washcloth in warm water and gently hold it over your face until it cools. Gently pat your face until it cools.

non toxic face moisturize young living


Moisturizing daily is the essential beauty secret that’s no secret. This crucial step hydrates, nourishes, and protects the skin.

I love to use SheerLume –
Sheerlumé contains a proprietary blend of Sacred Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Clove, and other powerful essential oils, as well as third-party tested alpine plant extracts that protect the skin from external stressors that advance the appearance of aging.

Use Sheerlumé daily to unveil a more radiant, flawless-looking complexion.

Sheerlume is a solution to complexion discoloration, whether it’s brought on by the natural process of aging, sun exposure, or other causes. Research suggests that uneven and dull skin tone contribute even more to the appearance of aging than wrinkles!


DIY Non-Toxic Face Mask!

I love this simple recipe. I have seen my pores get alot smaller!

Weekly, or as needed, use this Bentonite clay facial mask after cleansing skin. It’s easiest to remove in the shower!



To complement your skincare regimen, make sure you are giving your skin the nutrients it needs.

Try including these foods as part of your healthy diet:

  • Carrots

Carrots are packed with vitamin A, which is good for clearing up breakouts. It helps reduce the overproduction of cells in the skin’s outer layer were dead cells and sebum can clog pores. Add nibbling on half cup of carrots a day to your snack routine and reap these benefits!

  • Dark Chocolate

As if we needed another reason to eat chocolate! Flavonols, the antioxidants in dark chocolate, can reduce roughness in the skin and protect against sun damage. It only takes a few ounces a day to get this antioxidant in your system—what a sweet benefit!

Possible substitution: Blackberries, cherries, blueberries, or raspberries (although you would have to eat a large amount).

  • Flaxseeds

These seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, known to diminish age spots and erase fine lines. Consuming just over two grams (just a teaspoon) will help prevent irritation and redness in the skin as well as contribute to better hydration. Try just sprinkling a teaspoon over oatmeal or veggies to get your daily dose.

Possible substitution: Flaxseed oil (1 tablespoon with sautéed veggies), salmon (4 ounces), or walnuts (1 ounce or about 14 halves).

  • Green Tea

When green tea is hot, it releases catechins, a type of antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory properties. These antioxidant powers fade as it cools, so drink it while it’s hot. Only two cups a day will help cells’ resilience to sun damage, and may even help reduce sun damage.


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March Madness Oily Style

by Laura on March 18, 2016

I love the end of March! Round the clock basketball games, amazing upsets, and inspiring stories are told!

I’m adding a little oily flair to some of this excitement.

Essential Oils have transformed our families wellness in many areas of our lives. We have a much better immune system (Not 1 sick visit this year!!) , emotionally balanced (most of the time), we are able to ditch toxins out of our home products and beauty products, and I have been able to financially contribute to our home by sharing our stories! (which is just a bonus )

march madness essential oil special

Through the end of March, anyone that signs up with a Premium Starter Kit will receive:

$20 Amazon Gift Card – this can be used to get a great oil reference book, glass water bottle, or anything else!


An AMAZING welcome package that  includes :

-Oily Revolution Design Starter Kit Booklet
-Apothecary Shoppery Starter Kit Bottle Labels
-1 Root and Petal 10ml Glass Roller Bottle
-1 Hand-Stamped Muslin Bag
-12-15 Size 0 Dietary Vegetable Capsules (inside muslin bag)
-Muslin Bag “Spring Cleaning” Sache Recipe Card
-“Sweet Dream Serum” Roller Bottle Recipe Card
-Essential Rewards Explanation Card


You are joining a wonderful community that will help support you, educate you , and inspire you to get wellness and abundance for you and your family.   You will have access to private Facebook groups, newsletters, and calls.  #learnandgrow

Need MORE Info before signing up ?? Check out our ONLINE Essential Oil 101 Class.

My Sponsor ID 2196415  –   Enroller ID 2196415

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Healthy Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Peppers

by Laura on February 28, 2016

Way back in our Amarillo days, we lived just blocks away from this little whole in the wall food joint. It was literally a 10X10 square shack that had the BEST Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches. Absolutely full of fat and calories, but the kind that you think is so worth it you know. It’s been 7 years since I’ve had a sandwich like that!!

Well I’ve found the recipe that satisfies that taste, and without the huge hoagie bun! No Carbs, and a awesome clean eating recipe that the whole family will love!

The Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Pepper.


  • Thin sliced sirloin steak 1lb.
  • 4 Green Bell Peppers cut in half
  • half of an onion diced
  • 16 oz. diced mushrooms
  • Cheese of choice (I always have sharp cheddar on hand)
  • Avocado Oil, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce
  • Ranch

c;EAN eATING hEALTHY pHILLY cHEESEsteak stuffed pepper

  1. Place Peppers in pot of boiling water, and leave until they are tender. Then drain upside down on a paper towel. Place on a cookie sheet.
  2. In a Pan cook the steak, onions , and mushrooms in avocado oil with some salt, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce to taste.
  3. Now Assemble the peppers on your cookie sheet! place cheese 1st, then meat mixture, then more cheese!
  4. Place in oven at 350 until the cheese is bubbly cooked.
  5. Top with a smidgen of Ranch dressing!
  • You could easily omit the cheese all together and sub a dollop of avocado to the top to get that creamy texture!




The BEST Wrinkle Cream and Eye Cream by Young Living

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Must Have Essential Oil Roller Ball Recipes for your Family

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Do you have roller bottle LOVE!? I have 4 different blends around the house on hand to use on the Family .  This is definitely a great way to apply essential oils on the go, apply essential oils to the kids, and apply essential oils without mess and maximize the essential oils you have ! […]

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NingXia Red 29 Day Challenge

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 Are you ready to take back you wellness. Have energy, focus more, increase your immunity, protect your body, with an all natural whole body supplement! Several months after starting my oily journey with Young Living, I finally broke down and ordered two bottles of NingXia Red. (why did I wait so long?) This big bottle […]

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3 Must Have Winter Wellness Recipes

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The air is finally cooler here in Austin….halleluuyyeerr! So I’m feeling the fall air and whipping up our 3 MUST HAVE Winter Wellness goodies for the family. We all get a little dry skin so were making a super simple creamy body butter. + Whenever congestion hits I want to be prepared and not have […]

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Ultimate Detox Drink Challenge

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Ultimate Detox Drink Challenge!!! – November 15th!! For anyone with health and wellness/ weight management goals, I thought it would be fun for us to try it together for a month and then compare notes. Anyone up for it? We will begin November 15th, to allow everyone to gather the supplies. Join me on Facebook […]

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Detox your Body and Have Winter Wellness

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The day after Halloween is the perfect time to start a sugar detox and start getting ready for the fall months! I have the biggest sweet tooth, but training your body to get off of sugar is the best feeling! I will not buy sweets like cookies, because I know I’m weak. I’d be the […]

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