I had coffee with a friend the other morning that I haven’t seen since September. She commented on how good my skin looked! When you see yourself everyday it’s hard to tell if there was a difference happening since using my new Young Living skin regimen.

I have definatley noticed a much smoother texture in my skin, no breakouts, my pores are much smaller, and blackheads on my chin have dramatically reduced! I got several small brown spots with pregnancy, and these have finally started to fade!

But have my wrinkles , fine lines, and dark circles really changed? I was honestly skeptic that any product could make changes. I have used my fair share of products promising tighter skin, less wrinkles…..

ImSOOO happy that I took a “before” picture in September to compare to.

 FINALLY  you can get rid of wrinkes, fine lines, dark circles, blackheads. Improvr skin texture, reduce pores with YOUNG LIVING orange blossom face wash, wrinle cream and wolfberry eyecream

Im so happy with the results after 4 months!! By using a Non-Toxic , Chemical FREE product that actually works! I have definite reduced puffiness, reduced dark circles, and wrinkles.

This is my daily and weekly routine:

DAILY: every morning and night

  1.  Wash face with Orange Blossom Face Wash
  2. Apply Boswellia wrinkle cream to face, then apply Wolfberry eye cream all around eye area.


  1. I use my round exfoliator brush to wash face with.
  2. I apply a face mask.

Bentonite Clay Face Mask

  • 1 tbsp Bentonite Clay
  • 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 2 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • 2 drops Rosemary
  • APPLY all over place and leave for approx 15 min, rinse off with warm water.

This is such an easy routine with minimal product. I also use the tiniest amount, less than pea size. At this pace all of these products should last me about 8 months to a year.

To lengthen the use of my face wash I placed 2 Tbsp of Orange Blossom Face wash into a foam hand pump, then filled with water. After 4 months I’m still using my originally mixed bottle!! The aroma of the face wash is like having a mini spa session. I love to let it sit on the face for a few seconds and just inhale all the yummines in it


Curious about Young Living products and Essential Oils? Click HERE to learn more and join our team!



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Do you have roller bottle LOVE!? I have 4 different blends around the house on hand to use on the Family .  This is definitely a great way to apply essential oils on the go, apply essential oils to the kids, and apply essential oils without mess and maximize the essential oils you have !

Here is a list of where I buy my supplies.

Glass Roller Bottles — http://tinyurl.com/hoyvs6a

Sample Dram Bottles — http://tinyurl.com/hcwq8sq

4oz Spray Bottles (These are also at Sprouts/Wholefoods) http://tinyurl.com/hzb6acb

I use organic Avocado oil for my carrier oil.

Almond, Jojoba, grapeseed, and fractioned coconut oil also would work!

Here are must have essential oil recipes for the whole family, year round. I always need immunity support, sleep support, allergy support, and a happy / relaxing support for my brain!!

 You’ll notice that Valor and Vetiver are in two of these. These have been game changers for our family!

MUST HAVE! Essential Oil Recipes for the WHole Family- Immunity - Sleep - Happy - Relax - Allergy

Are you ready to learn more about how Essential Oils can drastically change you overall wellness and your families wellness —> Check out our Essential Oil page :)

be oily & blessed



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NingXia Red 29 Day Challenge

by Laura on January 4, 2016

 Are you ready to take back you wellness. Have energy, focus more, increase your immunity, protect your body, with an all natural whole body supplement!

Several months after starting my oily journey with Young Living, I finally broke down and ordered two bottles of NingXia Red. (why did I wait so long?)

This big bottle of red juice is amazing!

The changes I have noticed are: increased energy levels, getting over that afternoon slump, my skin looks better, it has boosted our immunity levels, and it tastes amazing!

It is safe for every age, even during  pregnancy. Our littlest started drinking it at 12 months, taking 1 oz. every morning.

I drink 1-2 oz daily. I love to shoot it straight, or mix it with ice, a banana, 4 oz. cranberry juice, and a splash of water. There are so many yummy recipes.

I want everyone to experience the wellness we have, so I have created a NingXia Red 29 Day Challenge starting Feb.1

go to this Facebook event page to join us, get support, post your experience, and learn more about NingXia Red –>  https://www.facebook.com/events/1733569220209786/

We will have recipes, prizes for participation, and support each other on this journey!

NingXia  red challenge Young Living

BENFITS of NingXia Red



  Young Living NingXia Red Ingredients

Learn MORE about Young Living and this amazing oily life! Click image below.

Essential Oils - Wellness Abundance Purpose.

young living essential oils

Leave your EMAIL below if you are not a YL member yet and I will help guide you on the best Starter Kit for you!



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3 Must Have Winter Wellness Recipes

by Laura on November 14, 2015

The air is finally cooler here in Austin….halleluuyyeerr!

So I’m feeling the fall air and whipping up our 3 MUST HAVE Winter Wellness goodies for the family.

We all get a little dry skin so were making a super simple creamy body butter.


Whenever congestion hits I want to be prepared and not have to  scramble to find comfort. I love these DIY vapor discs. They are simple to make, and are amazing at relieving congestion, and help support the respiratory system in the upcoming winter months! Make sure you store these in a good airtight container or freezer bag.


You can never go wrong with a DIY Thieves throat spray, which can easily double as antiseptic spray for surfaces on the go. Make sure your placing this in a glass spray bottle.

3 must have Winter Wellness Recipes for your home. Body Butter, Vapor disks, Throat spray. Young Living Essential Oils.

We only use Young Living 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils ’round here! Click HERE to learn more!



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Ultimate Detox Drink Challenge

by Laura November 4, 2015

Ultimate Detox Drink Challenge!!! – November 15th!! For anyone with health and wellness/ weight management goals, I thought it would be fun for us to try it together for a month and then compare notes. Anyone up for it? We will begin November 15th, to allow everyone to gather the supplies. Join me on Facebook […]

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Detox your Body and Have Winter Wellness

by Laura November 1, 2015

The day after Halloween is the perfect time to start a sugar detox and start getting ready for the fall months! I have the biggest sweet tooth, but training your body to get off of sugar is the best feeling! I will not buy sweets like cookies, because I know I’m weak. I’d be the […]

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How to become a Young Living Wholesale Member, and change your life!

by Laura October 10, 2015

Join Us! + If your interested in becoming a member, click here As a member you enjoy 24% off retail prices! You will also be joining an amazing team with dedicated Facebook pages, weekly calls, inspiration from leaders, and tons of resources to help guide you on your oily journey! For wholesale: +    Think […]

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Essential Oils with Young Living

by Laura October 8, 2015

+    As a nurse working at the bedside pf sick patients , I wanted to provide more than pill. I became passionate in sharing with patients how food, exercise and other natural remedies can benefit their life, and help them live in abundance! I do believe modern medicine has a rightful place in treating […]

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Bohemian Floral Birthday Party for Miss Ainsley’s 1st Birthday!

by Laura September 4, 2015

Our sweet Ainsley is one! I seriously can believe how fast this year has gone by! I’m really missing those newborn sleepy cuddle days, but honestly this season of her life is my favorite. Everyday is a new adventure for her. We celebrated with a BoHo birthday brunch.   She is mesmerized by birds flying […]

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“No baby died of being loved too much”

by Laura March 27, 2015

Miss Ainsley is now  8 months old! This little babe has definitely changed our family dynamic for the better. As this is our third child, I had grand ideas about how raising her would be. For starters she would be sleeping through the night. This would happen of course by her lying down and drifting […]

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