Again, I must say it has been 9 years since we last had a little baby in this family. There are a million new baby products that you can choose from. It’s a little overwhelming. My advice: Keep it SIMPLE…

We recently went to Toys R Us to get Miss A a “activity mat”. These things that babies lay on, stare at, occasionally play with, and hopefully we get our money’s worth (quiet time) The range of this product was  $20 to $75 !! Somehow it took us 30 minutes to pick one out. sheesh.  This was not simple. We ended up choosing this one, at $20 on sale!

These are a few baby / mommy items that I have come to love! Yes there are millions and if your a new mom, or surprise new mom like me, it gets overwhelming – hopefully this little list of goodies helps!


1. Solly Baby Wrap –>

This is  an amazing lightweight, breathable wrap to carry the baby in, up to 1 year old. It is made from this amazing bamboo jersey fabric, so it’s stretchy and  soft. We have the grey/white one.

This has been my favorite item! I use it to run to the store, go to the kids sports practices, attend volleyball games, or do chores around the house with Miss Ainsley cuddled close. She sleeps so well in this.  I love that I can cover her face when in public, avoiding curious people wanting to touch and look.

 I have definitely  gotten my money’s worth with it.

Check out the Youtube Videos for “How to Wrap” and even “How to Breastfeed” while the baby is wrapped!

Solly Baby Wrap

2.  Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter, 2-Ounce Jar


Clinically tested, hospital recommended Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter, 2-Ounce Jar is safe, lanolin-free, zero toxin nipple cream for nursing mamas, and anyone with dry, cracked skin. They use organic ingredients, Non-GMO products that you can actually understand their ingredient list!

Okay this stuff has been a lifesaver. Though it’s been 9 years since I last breastfed, I do VERY MUCH  remember the nipple pain : red, sore, cracked, bleeding even….so sad! I’ve still had some soreness with breastfeeding this go round, but NOWHERE near what I’ve experienced in the past. I apply the cream religiously after each feeding. I love thta it’s completely safe for Miss A, and theres no need to wipe off before feeding.

You can find this at Sprouts, Central Market, and Whole Foods.

3.Leachco Cuddle-U Original Nursing Pillow

Nursing PIllow Boppy Cuddle-U

These pillows are pretty cool. It holds your babe at the right height to breastfeed comfortably. It has saved Miss A from whiplash when being held by the kiddos. It is great for tummy time. This particular one that I bought has a nifty strap that will hold the baby up for activity time. This brand is also much cheaper than the original “boppy” brand.

4. Baby Monitor – Babies R Us Perfect View

My Sista bought this for us, and I’m so happy with it! The reviews are kinda scary, but this has so far been great for us.

It was easy to set up. Has a good picture in both day and night. It has good range. The monitor has a large 5″ screen which is perfect for me…the stalkish mom that can’t stop staring at her babe lying in bed.  You can easily adjust the brightness of the image screen, adjust the volume, and easily turn off and on the image view. No batteries needed, this charges plug in.

5.  Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Travel System

Graco FastAction Jogging Stroller

Miss A and I have already burned some rubber in this baby. I’m loving the jogging stroller.

Graco FastAction Jogging stroller

My babies strolling. (notice my “Guard Dog” taser…hahaha)

Why I love it : Big Wheels, Large storage basket, 2 cup holders (very important) ,  Iphone holder (fits my iphone 5) and a nifty storage are in between the cup holders, the black/grey color scheme , the front wheel is able to lock or unlock, folds up to stand on its own with kickstand with just one hand using a strap.  If you walk/run this is a great jogging stroller!

My cons: this thing is heavy, but most jogging strollers are pretty hefty. It’s large and takes up a good chunk of space in the SUV, but most jogging stroller do.  Besides that it’s pretty awesome.

6. Fisher-Price Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing, Rainforest Friends

Why is choosing a baby swing so hard. There are about 5.2 million different swings to choose from.My first choice was this one.   However it’s sooo expensive, and babies usually only use swings for a few months from what I remembered. So I couldn’t justify the price with just one baby using this.

Fisher Price Crade Swing

Well it came down to this one. It had that new nifty side swinging action, some music, a twirling distractor, and it was on sale when I bought it…which was the main reason I went with this one! Miss A loves some nap time in this!

7. Swaddle thingys

If you value sleep time, swaddle that baby.  Babies are used to being all snug and warm from your womb, so mimic that feeling when you want them to relax and sleep.

Miss A has  slept pretty awesome at night with the help of the Summer Infant – The Original SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap Small/Medium 7-14 Pounds Leopard – CLEARANCE PRICED
I can put this in her super fast now, her arms are kept down and don’t flail around. Flailing arms is usually the reason Miss A wakes herself up.  She currently sleeps for 4-5 hour intervals at night with a quick feed around 2:45am then goes right back to bed.

SwaddleMe wrap newborn sleeping

I did try the woombie wrap, but Miss A goes crazy everytime. Ive tried to put her in it awake and  she slightly freaks out. I have successfully put her in the woombie, but she was asleep. My sister has been way more successful with the woombie with her little babe. He sleeps around 8 hours a night wrapped in the woombie, so it does work!

Don’t want to purchase a nifty swaddle apparatus? Learn how to Swaddle like a BOSS from the this post.

8. Muslin Blankets

Speaking of swaddling, you need an awesome swaddling blanket if your going to be the BOSS.

Two kinds of Muslin blankets I’ve used are the Aden By aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack, Safari Friends  & and Carters 3 Swaddle Blankets 100% Cotton Muslin

I think the Carter’s blankets are actually a little softer than the Aden & Anais blankets.

Swaddle newborn

So these are a few of my favorite things….(cue Sound of Music)

Good Luck new mammas, and pass on any good advice…I need it!



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  Our family has anticipated this day for 10 months now…the birth of our third sweet baby. Finding out that you are pregnant for the third time, with a 9 year gap since your last little babe, was shocking to say the least. I think MM and I experienced every emotion: shocked, sad, anxious, excited, happy, and now just truly blessed that God chose us to be parents (again) to this little miracle of life.

SO my mindset with baby number tres : She will be non-fussy, low maintenance, sleeping in her own bed, won’t need a pacy because she will come out of my womb with self soothing awesomeness…. What was I thinking!

This little girl has our whole family enamored. I love snuggling, smelling her baby’s breath, rocking her to sleep, breastfeeding again, and just watching her.

Her features are beautiful and unique, yet are so much like Averi and Aiden…we make beautiful babies! Enjoy these sweet images, alot of restraint was held not to photo  overload :)

Baby Girl Birth Anouncement

The last fab 4 picture, On our way to the hospital!

Some photos from the hospital.


Ainsley Grace BIrth Day

She’s the best sleeping buddy.

daddy and ainsley






  Ainsley Grace BIrth Day

The BEST baby helpers. I have 3 pretty awesome babes.

Ainsley Grace BIrth Day

Oh my her lips, I could kiss them all day.

Ainsley Grace BIrth Day

Ainsley Grace BIrth Day

The Fam.

Ainsley Grace BIrth Day

Ainsley and Ito.Ainsley Grace BIrth Day

Coming home to Miss Annie.


At home we enjoyed my whole family for the weekend. This included a having “birth day ” cake for Miss A. made by Nana.


The Trahern Family under one roof (minus our Joshie)


…and then the kids start losing it.


One of my favorite pictures. He’s just a little bit in love.


My little mama.



She will be a lover of all things Halloween and scary movies…her 1st introduction.


Dance parties and photo shoots have happened.


Just a few pictures of my 3 baby blessings…













I always want to remember these sweet body parts.




Her birthstone is RUBY…amazing!

Ainsley Grace BIrth Day

Welcome to this crazy world Miss Ainlsey Grace.



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Miss A’s Modern Girls Nursery

by Laura on July 9, 2014

I would’ve sworn by this day that Miss A would be here already! However she has been so content in my belly and is no rush to come out. I hope this just means shes going to be the most relaxed baby ever and never cause a fuss….

Miss A will currently live in the small room off of our bedroom, once our office it will now house a child.

I wanted to keep the nursery very simple, bright, modern, and a little chic for this girl.

Everything in her room was of course thrifted and repurposed to fit in this space.

White modern nursery

Miss A’s bed is one of my favorite pieces. We found this on craigslist for only $75 ! You can purchase yours here. I love the sharp modern lines, the bright white with the wood. I painted the feet of the crib chrome silver for a little pop.

The yummy white  fuzzy rug was swiped from my sis-in-law. She purchased it off of Overstock.

White MOdern NUrsery GIrls

The Wall of DIY artwork!  I picked up this wooden arrow from Home Goods for $5 ! It got a good coat of chrome spray paint.

‘m kinda in love with my geometric artwork above her bed. I was going for that Picasso, weird, visual piece that was simple yet interesting.  It is my princess image using a ruler! And it just needed a pop of color with the heart. I found the minimalistic frame at Goodwill, and gave it coat of chrome paint.

DIY ArtWork GEometric MOdern

This dresser is one of my favorite makeovers. It was given to me by Nanna. It was originally painted in lovely primary colors on the drawers. It is the perfect sized changing table for this room !

I painted the entire dresser Dove White by Valspar, then sanded and stained the drawers.

The stain color was a mixture of left over stains I had lying around.

Oh these handles are amazing. I wanted something chunky, industrial, and chrome. I found these in the gate hardware at Home Depot. they are about 5 inches wide. They cost about $5 a piece, so not the cheapest but good enough for the look I was going for!

The curtains and rod were purchased from Home Goods.

Modern White Girls Nursery  Changing Table Dresser

I sewed up the changing pad cover, find out how here!

modern white wooden dresser and changing table

Modern White Wood Dresser Industrial Hardware from gate handles

This little mobile was the perfect find on clearance at JC Penney, in their random party decor area. It comes from Martha Stewarts collection. I wanted a geometric mobile. After scouring Pinterest and not feeling inspired this was the best option…and no crafty day needed!!

I didn’t want this to hang above the crib, I preferred it above the changing table for that little bit of distraction. I’ve always thought it weird to distract the baby in the crib while they are trying to fall asleep in bed…

Glitter Cirlce Chandelier baby mobile by Martha Stewart

These two paintings are amazing. Dumbo was hand-painted by Miss Averi and Aiden painted the longhorn. We let them each make a custom art piece for their new little sister!

custom artwork for nursery. Dumbo and longhorn

We are so ready, even little man. He told me “I can’t wait to see her face”!

little man waiting for miss a


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Easy Baby Sewing Projects

by Laura on June 28, 2014

Little Miss Baby A is due to arrive in a short 3 weeks! It still seems super weird to imagine a newborn living around here.

A few months back I got into a sewing phase. This always happens in spurts. I’m s o pumped to create and sew with visions of new wardrobes for the kids, curtains for every window, quilts for every bed, and then…..I start sewing and that passion fades super quickly. Usually after the first time my thread snaps unexpectedly or the bobber has messed up.

I was lucky enough to get through quite a few super simple sewing projects. Straight lines and nothing fancy!

My first little project was a quilt for Miss A. Now I have not the Patience for cutting quilting squares and sewing them all together. So I did a simple and easy horizontal quilt. This was made from 4″ strips of cotton  fabric in various lengths. It measures 36″ x 36″.  This is great for those small strips of leftover fabric. The back of the quilt is white muslin.

I love that Miss A has her very own handmade quilt blanket that is light and breathable. Dreams of a family heirloom come to mind.

Horizontal girls quilt heirloom


The next blanket I sewed might be my favorite. Simply for the fact that it is leopard and turquoise…nuff said.

leopard baby blanket DIY

I picked up each of these fabrics at JoAnn’s from the clearance section. (Use a coupon for 50% fabric cut ) They are a super soft and light knit fabric. I got 1 yard of each and simply sewed three rights side together, flipped it right side out and sewed a hem across the last remaining edge.

All of theses blankets are perfect for the oh s hot Texas heat!

I then sewed up several burp cloths. My sister and sis-in-law both had babes born in May. May 5 & 6 to be exact! So after sewing them a few boyish ones I created simple burp cloths for Miss A using leftover fabric and white minky dot fabric.

Girls Burp CLoths minky dot

I cut the fabric at 12″ wide by 20″ long.  I then sewed the right sides together on three sides. Flipped the fabric right side out and sewed a hem across the last edge. SOOO easy and cheap to make your own burp cloths!

One of my final projects was creating a nursing cover. I found this on Pinterest. A scarf that turns into your nursing cover…genius!

This actually came about from a sew fail. I meant to create a baby wrap similar to the Solly Wrap, but I didn’t buy enough fabric, cut before reading all the directions…totally messed up the whole thing! So the lovely grey and white striped knit fabric was re-purposed.

nursing cover

I bought jersey knit fabric in grey and white stripe from JoAnn’s . I used the this tutorial . Very simple and I Love that this is very light weight and breathable for the baby. It covers the front, sides and back when your breastfeeding. I made one for my sister who has used it several times already!  — Or buy one here

My last little project was a changing pad cover. The cute ones from the store were a little to pricey so I used this simple tutorial to create my own. The fabric is from JoAnns.

MOdern White and wooden dresser changing table

modern white wooden dresser and changing table

Im completely in love with her little simple nursery off of our bedroom. I will be posting pics next week, finally!

Im praying for Miss A to come soon. Today would be a perfect day for a new babe.

I love love this picture….even though it took my photographer about 15 takes to get it…..9 year olds!

SIlhouette Pregnancy Photo



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Boys Subway Wall Art ~ FREE Printable!

by Laura March 20, 2014

I have found that I have an obsession with fonts. A good font makes me sooo happy! When decorating little man’s room, I wanted to make framed art work that would still look “cool” in a few years. I used picmonkey to create a custom art piece. Click on it below to download it for [...]

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Thai Noodle Salad

by Laura March 7, 2014

  I have been searching for so long. For the perfect Thai Noodle Salad dressing. Ever since an old co-worker made this amazing Thai Salad, I have been searching. I finally found it!! It is a little spicy, sweet and salty….amazing!  I love that you can use any vegetables you have on hand to toss [...]

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Our Closet Re-Model….Better Late Then Never

by Laura February 7, 2014

Have you ever been without closet place for over 2 years…you know sharing your daughters closet {thats 3 feet of space}, MM having to hang his clothes in an antique wardrobe designed for a 5 yr old.  Well if not you are not missing out. We have FINALLY finished our master bedroom closet, well not [...]

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DIY Installing Sliding Glass Patio Doors !

by Laura December 21, 2013

Oh this little project has been in the works for a little bit. Our actual living room area has only 1 large window. So I was desperate to cut a hole in our wall. Luckily I have this amazing Markie Mark that can make my crazy plans happen. So my plan was to install lovely [...]

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I built a bookshelf….all by myself

by Laura October 3, 2013

mmmm Yes that’s right. I built a bookshelf. A real life size one. All Wood. No help was needed from MM….crazy! My Sweet client Heather, who I’ve been privelged to do some projects for, asked for a wooden bookshelf. After drawing up some designs for her we decide to base our design off of Ana [...]

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Baby Boy’s Baseball Nursery

by Laura September 9, 2013

My sweet friend , Miss C, created a wonderful boys nursery for her much anticipated baby boy! Now this was no normal pregnancy, after many Dr.appointments, tears, laughter, and long prayers Mr. J finally arrived a few weeks ago. Miss C finished his room just in time and I was able to give them this [...]

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